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A new rescue is coming January 16, 2024!

Stacy and her intelligent pack of wolves live in harmony together in a forest cave. But when their friend Milo the bat brings news that a baby ocelot is in danger and needs to be returned to its family, Stacy and Basil must hurry to the jungle biome in order to save the day!

After tracking the lost ocelot, they discover it’s trapped in a long-lost tower that’s full of obstacles, traps, and dangerous creatures. Will Stacy and her wolf Basil rescue the ocelot before it’s too late?

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Stacy Hinojosa,  better known as StacyPlays on the internet, started playing Minecraft in 2012. She immediately fell in love with telling stories through video games and began posting them to YouTube, earning a loyal audience of over 2.3 million subscribers.


Mélody Gringoire  is a French animator. She has worked with StacyPlays since the early start of her YouTube channel and illustrated many projects for her. Rescue Tails is her first book series.

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